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Branding Identity

for Shira24


The Shira Choir


Shira Choir is composed of true musical connoisseurs. Bound to the beat by the baton of Shraga Gold, its talented voices harmoniously entertain musically astute crowds worldwide. They are known to flawlessly recreate the most intricate melodies of time-honored classics made famous by today’s leading Jewish music giants.


Shira 24

Though their fan base was already thriving, we wanted to make it skyrocket. With that in mind, we developed the Shira24 listening experience. Shira24 is a mobile ms music live, but offers a range of behind-the-song info, latest videos, and mobile booking to give listeners the opportunity to connect with Shira better than ever.

Without minimizing the elegance of the existing Shira brand, we decided to add a twist of modernity and creativity. To do so, we started from scratch: recreating a logo and brand elements that would support the new app and website design.

Logo Design


All about the Music

The Shira Choir logo is all about the music, so it was a simple decision to continue the theme for the Shira24 design. In contrast to the iconic Shira logo, Shira24 is text-based, with a numerical font designed to resemble the shapes and playfulness of musical notes. Instead of the typical and over-used musical notes, we chose the unassuming "F clef" to join the Shira24 tune.

The thin, elegant typography of the logotype recalls the lines of the music score upon which notes are drawn.

The results? A logo that itself is music, promising an audio experience like none other.


Design Elements

Brand Colors



Based on the style and colors of the brand identity, we created a uniquely recognizable set of icons for the app controls and website.



For the final touch, we create branded buttons to suit the app navigation and brand design. After all, consistency is music and in user experience.



Throughout the app and website, we added notes of the brand identity and logo elements wherever possible to create a memorable, immersive brand interaction.




Web Design

Taking the brand approach and identity created for the app, we retuned the Shira24 materials to match the needs of a fully-developed website for bookings, advertising, and multimedia presentation.





App Design (UI & UX)

At it's heart, the Shira24 app is about listening to the Shira Choir and getting to know the virtuosos behind the music. We created a music-streaming app that encourages navigation and interaction with an intuitive user-interface for easy listening, booking, and watching.
From start to finish, Shira24 promotes a consistent brand experience within an easy-to-use mobile app, providing 24/7 access to Jewish music for everyone, everywhere.