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Branding Identity

for Ostrich



The Approach

What sets apart a modern beauty brand? We think its the brand that speaks the strength of each woman: her accomplishments, her unique beauty, and her confidence in who she is. For that woman, we introduced Ostrich: the beautiful, proud, and unforgettable beauty brand...packaged with a modern twist for a recognizable and memorable image.


A Clever Logo

To create the Ostrich logo, we wanted to fuse simplicity of form with the brand name itself for a visual and communicative impact. Drawing on inspiration from the mood board we included here, we envisioned a text-based logo that would combine the clever and the cosmopolitan.


Logo Design


The Ostrich

What is the Ostrich? Known for her dazzling plumage and poise, the Ostrich is a rare beauty among the birds of the dessert.

Like the regal bird herself, Ostrich Beauty is for the woman confident in her body. The woman who looks her best when she feels her best, who embraces her strengths and her flaws, and who puts her best face forward with grace and determination. She has nothing to hide, and every reason to soar.

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Brand Colors


Brand Element

Everybody can put their
Best Face Forward

As we already established the identity we went a step further and created a brand element that will be In-line with the identity. We did that by simply making the second letter in caps which follows the logo (oStrich) as we believe you should be proud of your every product.

Everybody can put their best face forward.

You haven't seen something like this in the industry huh? Another strong and memorable brand detail that customers are going to appreciate.

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Package Design


Website Design

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