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Branding Identity

for Aurea


The Golden One

Besides the leisure and spa elements, we have focused on management and strategy part of the brand. It is created to be a go-to brand “that focuses on helping hospitality, residential and wellness brands create exceptional innerfacility experiences for residents/clients, we share their journey from planning through design, launch and management”.

The Aurea Clubs logo has been created to be fixed into the customers minds - to the ones that go to seek help and exceptional service. This logo represents a synonym of your business. It has warm, welcoming and leisure feelings, but is yet professional and corporate.


The Aurea

Our client said: “Aurea means golden, and is affliated with the Golden Ratio, a proportion concept used in design and architecture.” Therefore we took the Fibonacci spiral as main inpiration to develop the logo. Its uniqueness and place in the nature and universe got us very inspired and we wanted to create something that will inspire others.

We asked ourselves, what is Aurea Clubs? It’s nature, strategy and overall wellbeing of business and health.

The Circle of Wellness

Working with the themes of nature and the Golden Ratio, we developed a range of wellness-inspired shapes to develop a logo full of meaning and designed to stand out.

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Logo Design

A for Aurea

To create an inimitable logo, we integrated the themes of nature, strategy, proportion, and leisure into one unforgettable, timeless, and sophisticated logo.

Oh, and we forgot to mention. We added the letter A.

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Brand Colors

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Brand Direction

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